It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we call Facebook a parallel world. It carries thesame diversity like the earth in terms of demographics, thoughts, location andinterests. It is in this coliseum that you are going to launch your product. And thesecomplexities can only be tamed with effective targeting.
Once you decide the brand, you will have an overview about your audience.Apparently, Facebook is popular among all the age groups above 13 and especiallyamong the 18-29 groups. Now, we will think about presenting the brand with yourUSPs on Facebook.

Facebook Page
This is where you are going to have your followers close. So make your profile morecreative and to the point by including all the details. Advantages of hiring a digitalmarketing agency to handle your page would enhance your professional outlook andbrand identity. They have a team to handle every aspect aptly to promote yourbusiness interests.

Basic guidelines before creating a Facebook Page
Your profile will have a basic template with a Profile Photo, Cover Photo, About,Location and Address, Working Hours, Contact number, etc.

Profile Photo and the Cover Photo
Make your logo, the identity of your brand, you profile picture. Your agency folkshave fantastic designers who could create wonderful logos to showcase the identity.Cover photo is altogether a different idea. It gives you an opportunity to project morein which you can include photos, videos, animated or 3D images. Make it visuallyrich as it would be the images that will last longer in minds.
This is your bio, indeed. You are showcasing who you are to the entire world outthere. Be precise enough but include your mission and vision aptly here. One or twosentences would do fine. Make it like a conversation to the followers. This wouldnever be a herculean task as an experienced copy writer from your agency is going tohelp you place it better. Also, include the working hours along.
Time to post
Now, you are going to talk to your followers. These conversations would behappening through the daily updates you share on your page. A compelling contentwith videos or images would definitely keep them engaged and interested in yourbrands. This gives them an opportunity to interact with you. Having a closeconversation is always helpful as it would increase the credibility.

Now, How the Targeting Works
A prudential targeting includes customizing specified demographic groups accordingto your choice. People are identified with their age groups, location, interests, etc.You even can target a private list of users. If you have a list of email addresses ofpeople that you want to target, you can use Facebook’s ads manager to target justthose people. So, if you run a SaaS business and have 200 people on your “prospectlist,” you can use their email addresses to target them with ads in Facebook.

Types of Facebook Ads
Facebook ads appear on user’s newsfeeds. It can either be a direct link to your pageor an external link to your website. Also, there is an option for the users to dislikeyour ad. The response they give while disliking would help you to gather feedbackabout the ad you posted and would help you to improve the service.

Detailed Analysis and Statistics
Pay attention to the analytics Facebook offers.If you see a big surge in fans (or a dropoff), look at what you’ve posted recently and see if you can figure out a reason for thetrend. Then, post more of that kind of content (or less, if you’re losing fans).
Though this comparatively flexible medium offers abundant opportunities to thepromotion and publicity of your product, this requires a strong and reputed digitalmarketing agency to plan and track the records of your growth. They are thededicated professionals in this area who work with the excellent expertise.

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