Your product has been launched; you have made your presence on social media, hired the best digital marketing agency for effective strategies and now the time has come to connect with your consumers. A well trained customer support team is the panacea and it will never let you hobble behind for that is the right strategy to enhance your reputation. Here are some basic tips to be kept in mind about customer support.

Be a persistent presence

Your Facebook page is the sphere of influence where you frequently come in contact with your potential buyers. Increased frequencies, paying heed to their responses and complaints, swift and regular response are essential for positive feedback and better reputation of the brand.

Take a look at this context and notice the short time span the Pottery Barn took to respond.

Effective Communication

The customer relations executive should have an effective communication with all the other departments in your digital marketing agency. It helps to track all the necessary updates and respond to the followers without further delays. This speedy response requires frequent follow-ups and effective coordination.

Don’t delay the response

Delayed response can seriously affect the happy customer culture. Constantly check and monitor your page and be prompt in responding to the queries. Acknowledging the feedback or complaints showcases the positive and accommodating nature of your brand.

In a recent report by Unmetric, Tata Nano topped in the automobile sector when it came to responding to customer queries on Facebook. It responded to people within a minute while luxury brands like BMW and Audi took more than half an hour to even acknowledge the receipt of complaint.


Imagine you have got a complaint on your page and a quick assurance was made to resolve the issue. Once the assurance is made, you are bound to follow that up. It is a prerequisite for your enhanced credibility and authenticity.

Take a scenario where you miss to acknowledge the grievance. You are going to face severe repercussions. Facebook has a massive audience reach and you minor ignorance could become the viral talk of the town. Hence, listen, acknowledge, follow up, and close the complaints on time.

We shall see two examples of “ Air Asia” responding their customers in two different scenarios.

Train the team

Efficiency triggers success. An efficiently trained customer support team know the right way to acknowledge and respond to the queries and the complaints. When you run the business, it’s important to have a professionally trained customer support team with you. Have occasional contacts with them to monitor the improvements and efficiency. Hiring the best digital marketing agency in the town would help you meet all your requirement in such situations.

It was always about the masses and it will always be for “Customer is the King”. That massive reach you are aspiring has just one key called “customer support”. So , stretch your ears and wings embrace your followers and deliver what you promise.

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